Fire Safety For Kids

fire safety for kids

Fire Safety For Kids

In a dangerous and fearful situation like a fire breakout, it’s quite natural for kids to get confused and panicked easily.


The fatality rate of kids under 5 years of age is high as they are unable to make the right decision of unharmed escape in a very short period. Therefore, parents, teachers, and caretakers must teach kids about how they should respond to successfully flee from the fire affected premises. 

Fire safety tips
Many fire eruption cases that have been reported are caused by kids. So teaching them to stay away from the stuff that could start off the fire is very important.

Here are a few fire safety tips: Download these tips in PDF

  • To stay away from lighters and matches, and never use them without the supervision of an adult or their permission.
  • Teach your children to turn off the heaters and candles when leaving the room.
  • This tip is for parents to keep flammable objects away from the stove. It mitigates the risk of accidental fire from the hands of children.
  • Install fire and smoke alarms in each bedroom.
  • Make sure that the windows in the rooms are not stuck closed.
  • You can also place the escape ladder on the first floor, from where the children can escape easily. Tell them how to reach there and safety exit.
  • In case of fire, kids might get hurt from burning knobs and other hot objects. Instruct the kids to check the knobs if they are hot. This also includes touching the hot objects with a towel or other clothes to avoid burning.
  • Smoke increases eye irritation that causes teary eyes. Explain to them how to use hands for searching exits and not eyes.
  • Coach them to stay out once they are out. Kids might try to go inside for something they want.


Make a plan

Make a proper and brief escape plan for your kids and children of all ages. You can also designate the high-level escape responsibilities to the older ones. Make sure that your plan must include windows, doors, and other emergency exit routes if any.

Young kids cannot escape from the burning house on their own. You need to have a proper plan of getting them out safely. Also, in this regard, you can consider other family members who need extra help such as older ones or individuals with disabilities. 

Practice it with the kids

Do not forget to explain and practice the plan with all family members including kids at least once a month.


Test your smoke alarms regularly and make sure that your children recognize the sound of the fire alarm. If the fire catches clothes, teach your kids to stop whatever they are doing, drop to the ground, and start rolling. It might sound scary to them but with the help of older children, the young ones can make it safely.


Through these measures, your kids can learn the fire escape measures easily and are able to respond promptly to get out of the house in case of fire.

Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) click here.
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