Fire Safety For The Elderly Throughout Covid 19

fire safety for the elderly

Fire Safety For The Elderly Throughout Covid 19

During the coronavirus epidemic, the government has been working closely with the aged care sector to ensure the health and well-being of the elderly. 

The elderly may be more susceptible to the virus’s consequences due to underlying health concerns. This is why, in compliance with the Department of Health, tight protocols for residents, employees, and visitors are implemented, assisting in the preparation for and mitigation of outbreaks.

Contractors handling essential building maintenance, including fire prevention, have had to follow new guidelines for aged-care facility management. Fire system maintenance is an essential life safety activity that protects building occupants and property by lowering the chance of a major fire disaster. Fire equipment maintenance is an important function that must continue regardless of the pandemic.


Communication has been critical in My Fire’s management of fire safety and compliance duties for retirement and aged care homes across the UK. My Fire Safety has been working closely with facility managers in the elderly care industry to ensure that tight protocols are followed while necessary fire prevention services are maintained.

My Fire’s extensive experience has shown that when activity within and around a facility deviates from its normal operating pattern, the danger of fire increases. Given the present circumstances, it is more critical than ever to ensure that all fire systems in buildings, particularly elderly care homes, are checked and maintained to ensure that they continue to function as intended.

Obtaining permission to visit some places, such as private residential rooms, is required to conduct mandated testing, but gaining access might be difficult. If inhabitants refuse to let fire protection services or firefighters into their rooms, the entire site’s compliance rating may be jeopardized. By working closely with site managers and creating efficient communication procedures, My Fire has been able to successfully overcome such challenges. facility systems and portals give technicians broad insight across locations where testing gaps may exist, such as private rooms, allowing them to fix concerns before they arise. This is especially critical now that there are more limits in place.


My Fire’s technicians schedule appointments before entering aged care facilities and retirement homes to help minimize their time on site. At any given moment, no more than two technicians may be on-site, and they must maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters. As an extra precaution, our technicians must have their temperatures checked, and if they experience or exhibit evidence of COVID-19 symptoms, testing and self-isolation for 14 days is necessary. To further safeguard residents, all of My Fire’s technicians must be able to produce proof of a recent flu vaccine and are ordered to stay away from the facility’s common spaces. Upon leaving, all surfaces and environs are thoroughly cleaned.

Surgical masks, respirators, gloves, and goggles are all part of My Fire’s technicians’ gear to prevent the virus from spreading in high-risk areas like elderly care institutions. When leaving a building, taking a break from work, or entering cars, all equipment is removed and thrown away, with correct disposal procedures including placing in individual plastic bags for collection.

COVID-19 is still a threat to the community, thus emergency preparations must be reviewed. Despite the loosening of limitations, My Fire has devised clear protocols to guarantee that acceptable hygiene standards are maintained, ensuring that aged care homes are safe from both coronavirus infections and fires.


Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) click here.
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