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Are You Interested in Learning How To Be a Fire Marshal? 


My Fire Safety’s trained experts are ready to give you the skills you’ll need to become a fire marshal. We have exceptional first aid and fire safety knowledge and experience – our crew is professionals at what they do, and they teach fun, life-saving techniques to people from all walks of life.


In the case of a fire, our fire marshal training will provide you with the information and abilities to safeguard yourself and others. We cover an array of topics in this course, such as identifying fires, following fire procedures, evacuating employees, and putting out small fires.


What is a Fire Marshal


Every property owner in the United Kingdom has a legal duty to ensure that their property complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005’s fire safety regulations. This law describes the precautions that should be taken to ensure a building’s occupants are kept safe in the event of a fire.


Certain efforts should be taken to completely adhere to fire regulations, such as conducting a fire risk assessment, adopting fire safety protocols, and providing training on how building occupants should behave in the event of a fire.


A fire marshal is a person who is in charge of the fire safety, prevention, and evacuation procedures in a company.


All fire marshals must complete special fire marshal training. They receive fire marshal certification after finishing their training, proving that they are competent to fulfil their fire safety duties.

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The fire marshal’s primary responsibility is to prevent fires in the workplace. They should lead their co-workers to safety and ensure that the evacuation plan is implemented and the buildings are evacuated calmly, quickly, and efficiently.

fire marshal training course

How Many Fire Marshals Do You Need


The number of fire marshals necessary per location is determined by a variety of factors, including:


  • The size of the premises
  • Who will be on the premises
  • The number of persons Working on the premises at any given time
  • Accessibility
  • The number of floors in the building

A fire risk assessment will need to be carried out by a specialist to determine the correct number of fire marshals needed. The risk assessment report will provide details on what fire risks the building has and how to solve them. The report will also include how many fire marshalls are needed to handle the risk.


Duties of a Fire Marshal


Our fire marshal training course will give you with the knowledge and skills to perform daily duties at the same time as always being aware of what to do in an emergency. Some of the duties you will learn include:

Duties in the Event of a Fire

  • Begin the process of evacuation
  • Ascertain that everyone has exited the building
  • Wherever assistance is required, provide it
  • Make your way to the assembly point
  • Check to see if everyone is there
  • Collect information
  • Report to the person in command of the fire department

Daily Duties

  • Examine fire exits
  • Examine fire extinguishers
  • Reporting problems with the fire safety equipment
  • Take charge of fire drills
  • Ensure all electrical equipment is PAT tested
  • Establish safe havens within the building
  • Ensure that storage is controlled

How Often Do You Need Fire Marshal Training?


The fire marshal training certifications earned after completing the course will expire after 3 years. However, refresher training should be done regularly, ideally once a year. The regularity of fire marshal training can be influenced by several factors, which include:

  • There is a lot of staff turnover
  • Changes to the building structure
  • Working with others
  • Hazardous working conditions such as D.S.E.A.R

Character traits should be considered while choosing a fire marshal. The position demands a well-organised and composed person amid an emergency. Because one of the fire marshal’s roles is to gather information and report to the fire authorities, the perfect candidate for the job will also be responsible and have a sharp mind.


Benefits of an Online My Fire Safety Training Course


We understand that it’s not feasible for everyone to do a fire marshall training course in person. That’s why we have developed an online training course that can be taken from anywhere in the United Kingdom. All you need is an internet connection, an Android device, or a laptop, and you can do the fire marshal training from the comfort of your home.


By completing the My Fire Safety online, you will save time and money but not sitting in traffic to attend the course at an inconvenient location.

An online fire marshal training course means you can complete the course in your own time. You will not have to complete it in one sitting, as the course is flexible to suit your time and lifestyle.


Why Choose My Fire Safety?


Our half-day fire marshal training course can be done either at your location of choice or ours. Alternatively, you can take the course online. You will study basic workplace fire safety protocols and how to verify that your company complies with the regulations during your fire marshal training at My Fire Safety. It’s important to know that it’s a legal requirement to have a certain amount of staff trained to conduct a safe and successful evacuation in the event of a fire. Fire marshal training is required when new employees are placed into a building or the emergency plan is changed. 


Our fire marshal training course is highly recommended if your company’s working procedures and processes have changed or if people’s roles have changed. Fire marshal training is also required when a disabled person is hired for the first time or a new staff member is assigned to the duty manager or fire marshal. Get you and your staff equipped to be competent and ready in the case of a fire. Our fire marshal training is well worth the investment, so contact us today!




Fire Marshal Training Course


Our Fire Marshal training course is a half-day proactive course that provides all-around knowledge of what to do in the case of fire and covers the roles of a Fire Marshal. The course provides a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a fire marshal. It includes practical hands-on experience in tackling and controlling fire using fire extinguishers.


Fire Marshal certification has a validity period of 3 years.

However, it is recommended that Fire Marshals take refresher courses after 12 months.

Who is This Course For?


Anyone who will be working as a fire warden or fire marshal within their company will benefit from our comprehensive Fire Marshal Training course. This fire marshal training course may be completed by anybody at any level, and no prior experience is necessary. This includes (but not limited to) administrators, teachers, managers, security, supervisors and wardens.

 How You Will Benefit From Our Fire Marshal Training Course

  • Fire Wardens Procedures & Responsibilities
  • Emergencies That May Require Evacuation
  • Fire Warden Identification
  • Raising the Fire alarm
  • Types of Emergency Evacuation
  • Building Fire Alarms & Communications Systems
  • Developing Evacuation Plans & Protocols.
  • Human Behaviour & Emergencies.
  • Evacuation Activities.
  • Provide CPD and BSafe certified training.
  • Provides solid proof of employee training.
  • Allow ALL employees to complete mandatory duty of care training.
  • To Understand The Dangers & Core Principles Of Fire
  • Learn The Do”s & Don’t”s, & Practice The Proper Use Of Extinguishers
  • Practical Fire Marshal Evacuation Exercises
  • Emergency Coordination
  • Fire Marshal Legal & Regulatory Requirements
  • Alarm & Fire Incident Investigation
  • Bomb Threat Procedures
  • Fire Marshal Training Requirements
  • Building Fire Safety / Fire Strategy
  • Stay informed about changes in the law.
  • Fulfill your legal duty of care in the essential areas required by law and inspection.

Course Content

  • Use Of Fire Blankets & Fire Extingishers
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • How Fire & Smoke Spread
  • Fire Evacuation
  • Fire Legislation (Includes Fire Marshal Roles)
  • Combustion Principles
  • Emergency & Evacuation Plan
  • Fire Action



The online Zoom was excellent. Easy to understand.

Thank you! Excellent course” – My Fire client.

The training was quick and easy – perfect for an online refresher. – My Fire client

We found your website to be extremely user-friendly and simple to navigate around. The actual course is educational without being too lengthy. We’ve used other systems in the past that were difficult to use, but your website was wonderful. Thank you very much. – My Fire client”

It was a fantastic experience. Thank you! 🙂 – My Fire client

My training has already been completed. The material was presented in a very straightforward manner, with excellent visuals. The exercises were extremely beneficial in terms of practicing applying the information. I’m a primary school teacher, and I was blown away by the content’s organisation and presentation.

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