Fire Safety Training


Fire safety training is crucial to deal with fire and related emergencies. It amplifies the knowledge and skills of the personnel.  Our training enables you to learn how to effectively respond to fire accidents. 

If you are aware of the ways to prevent fire, you will not only minimize the risk of damage to property but also help keep yourself and staff from danger. Therefore, it is essential for schools, colleges, hospitals, and business organizations to ensure that the training is being provided to students and employees. 


We offer our fire safety training services to various small scale and large scale businesses.

fire safety training with a fire extinguisher


man practicing fire safety training

Why Fire Training is Important.

Fire may lead to the destruction of property as well as injuries or even can take lives. Prevention is the only way to avoid any hazardous incident.

Fire training is vital to:


  • Keep your lives safe.
  • Avert the small and large scale damage to buildings and work sites.
  • Keep you away from the loss of organizational assets such as equipment, machinery etc.


Fire safety training provided to the employees is mandatory by law. It includes providing right knowledge, directives and training.


What Should Fire Safety Training Encompass?


Effective training to the workforce eliminates the risk of fire and teaches staff what will happen and what they should do in the event of a fire. For this, proper planning & a fire risk assessment is required to implement safety measures. Everyone should be well trained with your organizational procedures for fire prevention and what to do if there is one.

For Prevention

  • Emergency plan.
  • Personnel role in risk management.
  • Assessment of danger.


In the Event of Fire


  • Activation of the fire alarm.
  • How to exit the building?
  • Area evacuation.
  • Leave the premises and close the doors behind.
  • Ways to encounter smoke and heat.
  • Use of fire extinguisher when necessary.


Best Practices


  • Personnel should know where the fire alarm is installed.
  • Use of the firefighting equipment including hand equipment. You can train the specific staff for this purpose in large buildings.
  • Location of emergency exits and their importance.
  • Switching off the equipment and shutting down of the machinery. Also, educate why it is important to do so.


How Often Should You Practice Fire Safety Training?

To keep the staff updated and to make the fire safety knowledge revive in their minds, the training should be performed on a regular basis. Make sure that at least after every one year, your personnel get the training so that they could react promptly when there is a fire-related emergency. Through continuous practicing, any faults in the plan will be revealed and you can address them to make a perfect plan and also train the personnel well.

If you are responsible for dealing with the patients or guests or have a large staff volume, then safety training should be given on a regular basis.


Who Should Get More Detailed Training?

The supervisor of the fire safety and their team members should receive training every 6 months. The following listed personnel should be well versed with the safety plan.


  • Firefighting team
  • Head of the departments
  • Security guards
  • Kitchen staff
  • Maintenance staff
  • Hotel Managers and respective staff
  • Control room staff
  • Flight attendants

Fire Evacuation Chair Training


What You Need to Know

This training helps in the evacuation of persons with impaired mobility from the building in an emergency or fire event. It is a crucial part of the fire safety training for fire marshals which ensures the safe exit of everyone from premises.


One of the responsibilities of the fire marshal is to guide and assist people for a safe way out. Disabled individuals rely solely on another person in case of any fire crisis. We provide fire marshal evacuation chair training which delivers knowledge and information that assist the personnel for quick evacuation processes. Book Evac Chair Training


Emergency Evacuation Chair

Is a specially designed chair for the smooth descent from the staircase in case of fire or any other emergency situation, used majorly in offices, nursing homes and hospitals to safely shift the disable person out of the building.

Why Frequent Evacuation Chair Training is Important?

It is considered vital in fire safety training.

  • It ensures that you are compliant with the law and that the staff and visitors should be safe in a fire incident or any other situation which requires evacuation at your workplace.
  • It is against the health safety regulation to evacuate an immobile person on the chair without proper training.
  • It saves lives.


What will the Evacuation Chair Training Involve?

  • Operation of the device
  • Key features of the device
  • Storage and checking of chairs for working
  • Understanding of evacuation routes
  • Application of the techniques for the evacuation process.


All of our courses below are available via the Zoom platform which has been very successful in recent months making an effective alternative platform whilst we endure the various restrictions as a result of Covid-19. Our Interactive Zoom Fire Safety training courses will ensure that your staff are properly trained including theory and practical components to ensure that employees can handle emergencies in the workplace in a safe manner. 


fire marshal training





practical fire warden training



It is essential under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005 that the specified person responsible for fire safety must provide fire safety duties & roles to a said number of employees. At MYFIRE, we provide dedicated specialized training to fire wardens to enable them to competently complete training sessions and practice drills with their staff. 



fire drill training



It’s crucial for work premises, schools, universities & organizations to establish a clear and concise, step-by-step emergency evacuation plan that clearly explains and demonstrates what everyone should do in the event of a fire. Our fire drill training provides exactly what it needs to safely evacuate your premises in the event of a fire.  



evacuation chair training



Here in the United Kingdom (and many other countries) it is the responsibility of employers and premises management to ensure that people with reduced mobility are safely evacuated from the premises. Our Evac Chair training will allow participants to become fully prepared & competently trained in the use of  Evacuation Chairs.



fire extinguisher training


MyFire Emergency Extinguisher training course will ensure that all of your staff are suitably trained in the use of Fire Extinguishers in the event of a fire. Our training course covers fire extinguisher types and uses, fire blankets, fire hoses, emergency equipment and more & will provide your staff with full knowledge of how to safely operate fire extinguishers should they be faced with a fire.  



fire awareness training


Our Fire Awareness course will effectively teaches your employees fire awareness and  how to identify the different classes of fires and types of extinguishers. In addition to this, our course will enable participants to perform fire risk assessments, understand fire prevention requirements and the theory of fires (how they start, how fires spread and how to extinguish them safely.  





A combined course that covers evac chair training together with our fire awareness training module. If you would like to discuss other combined courses that are tailor-made to your premises, please contact us for more information. We also supply high quality easy to operate emergency evacuation products & fire safety equipment on a national basis.




We are Expert in:

  • Fire Risk Management
  • Fire Risk Safety Awareness
  • Fire Steward
  • Fire Warden
  • FireTeam Training
  • Practical Extinguisher
  • Evacuation Marshal
  • Alarm Responder Seek & Search
  • Construction Fire Safety & Practical Extinguisher
  • EVAC Chair & Fire Awareness
  • Evac Chair & Fire Marshal
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