Fire Safety in Schools Regulations

Fire Safety in Schools Regulations

Fire breakout at school is stressful for pupils and staff as well as the school community. In this article we will talk about how important fire safety in school regulations are and exactly how you can ensure your pupils and staff stay safe in the event of a fire.



Apart from the personal and education disruption, other damage such as financial losses and enviromental impact are all likley if a fire were to break out. Therefore, it is incredibly important to ensure the implementation of the fire safety plan and training for the students and key members of the staff or fire marshals. It reduces the risk of fire and also facilitates the safe evacuation from the affected premises. The primary focus of schools across the UK is to educate pupils in a safe environment, the regular practice of fire safety has led to a decrease in fires in schools nationwide.

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Both new and existing school buildings must comply with the regulations for fire safety. The design brief should not only include the building’s requirement but also the fire policy by local building control bodies.


Today schools have become the hives of technology. More computer systems, circuits, and wires have become the necessity of every school and this, in turn, escalates the need of fire risk safety assessment, fire safety training and the execution of safety procedures in new and existing school buildings.

Fire Safety Management

Fire safety management encompasses the evacuation plan and fire drills. There should be special arrangements made to educate the students, teachers, and school staff in case of any fire incident such as:

  • Provide training to the students about the importance of fire safety procedures
  • Practice the fire drills frequently with both staff and children
  • How to stay calm in emergencies, learn and teach
  • Clear the exits to avoid blockage & ensure emergency exit points are clear at all times
  • Train the staff to facilitate the evacuation of individuals with disabilities
  • Tell them about the safe areas outside the school premises where everybody can run to in the case of a fire.


All the school staff must undergo suitable fire safety training.

  • Basic safety factors such as the necessary action to be taken when discovering about the fire
  • How to respond upon hearing the fire alarm
  • Use of fire extinguisher
  • Specialized training for designated personnel or fire marshal
  • Maintenance of fire safety training logbook to keep a record of all testing and training


Fire Safety in Schools Regulations: How Important?

A school is a place where young people gather so fire eruption in such premises can affect them all and even lead to loss of lives. Therefore, it is so important and crucial for schools to understand the importance of fire risk assessments and fire safety training. Good and sufficient safety measures if implemented properly can prevent fire disasters. Furthermore, it is also a legal responsibility to comply with the government policies related to it. 


Government regulations for fire safety should be a crucial aspect every school should enforce in order to assess the fire risk and take precautionary steps. It secures the lives of pupils, staff, and visitors, averts the educational obstruction, and prevent the facility from physical and financial loss. Many sectors of the fire safety industry planned to deal with backlogs due to lockdown by increasing their working hours or working on weekends when required after the restrictions have been lifted.

Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) click here.
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