Evac Chairs for Schools

Evac Chairs for Schools

If you have to evacuate your school or college in an emergency, it is vital that you have evacuation chairs. An evacuation chair is a practical way to move disabled or injured people in a rushed situation. These chairs can be easily stored and deployed as needed, saving you valuable time when evacuating a building.

What is an evacuation chair?

An evacuation chair is a piece of emergency equipment that’s designed to help people who are disabled or injured get out of a building in an emergency. It’s used in schools and other public buildings, especially those with large populations of children or seniors.

An evacuation chair is similar to a wheelchair in that it has four wheels and supports the weight of its occupant. However, unlike many wheelchairs, an evacuation chair does not have a seat back or armrests.


How does an evacuation chair work?

They have an extra-long seat and backrest to provide more support for the person being lifted out of a building. The seatbelt secures the person in place during the evacuation process.

The seatbelt is attached to a harness that wraps around the user’s chest and waist, which helps keep them secure while they get lifted up by ropes or cables into an awaiting helicopter or other rescue machine.

The chair has two sets of wheels so it can move easily over uneven terrain without tipping over or rolling away from its destination point.

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Which is the best evacuation chair for schools in the UK?

The best evacuation chair for schools in the UK is the Enable Versa Access Evac Chair.

This chair is manufactured by Enable Access in Bedfordshire, it’s made of high-quality materials that as long as it’s serviced will last for years, the Versa can carry a weight of up to 180kg. It has a traditional seat which is incredibly stable and easy to use and can be used to evacuate people who require assistance when there’s an emergency.

It comes with a foot brake, so you can stop safely at any time. This chair also has a foldable feature, so it can easily fit into your school. The seatbelt is quick release and adjustable, you’ll be able to use this chair for many years without having any issues.

In my opinion It is vastly superior to the original ‘evac-chair’ which has a deck chair type seat and is uncomfortable to sit in or use.

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Who uses evacuation chairs in schools?

Evacuation chairs are used by school staff and fire marshals Fire Marshal Training to evacuate children in a hurry, especially those with disabilities or who cannot walk on their own. These chairs can be attached to a belt or a backpack, so they can be easily carried around and used at a moment’s notice. Evacuation chairs are also useful for transporting students to the hospital or other medical facility if necessary.

Evacuation chairs and school fire safety legislation

Schools have very specific fire safety rules in place, including evacuation procedures that must be followed during an emergency situation. Because of these regulations, it’s important for schools to make sure they have the tools they need to comply with them when they’re preparing themselves for emergencies fire drill training such as fires or earthquakes (which could cause structural damage).

Evacuation chairs are important to have in your school.

The evacuation chair is perfect for those who might not be able to walk very far, or who are not able to carry their own weight. A person could use an evacuation chair to evacuate from a fire, or during an earthquake or flood situation where they may need help getting out of harm’s way quickly.

There are several different types of evac chairs available on the market today, but as mentioned, we highly recommend the VERSA ACCESS CHAIR purchasing one that is lightweight and sturdy enough so that it will not break under pressure if needed during emergency situations such as earthquakes or floods, which can often happen without warning at any time!

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