Make-Up Mirror Causes Frightning Blaze in Whitley Home

Make-Up Mirror Causes Frightning Blaze in Whitley Home

Whitley firefighters were called to the home of Ashlee Crook after receiving a call alerting them of the incident. After returning home from work she smelt smoke as she entered, as she reached the bottom of the stairs she could see thick black smoke filling the top half of her house in Normans Lane, Whitley. She immediately called 999 from her mobile phone after evacuating the property. Book evacuation chair training.

“I feel so relieved that I returned home when I did”


Ashlee’s dog Byron who was in the property when the fire broke out fled before any damage. “I cannot imagine how far it would have spread if i came home any later, i’m so glad Byron is ok” she added.

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A small make-up mirror was the cause of the fire, Ashlee had left it near a window in the property after getting ready for work. Sun Rays hit the mirror which reflected on to the curtains which soon broke out into a dangerous inferno.

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Heightened concern

Lee McGarity of Cheshire Fire Brigade who investigated the blaze states as we enter the winter, the sun becomes lower. This causes firefighter heightened concern for direct sunlight on mirrors at this time of year.

“Im am glad that the people and dog are okay, the damage to the property was minimal compared to the extent of what it could have been like if Ashlee did not return home when she did”. 

Please, if you have any mirrors, lenses or glass, ensure they are not in direct sunlight and clear from any windows.”

Ashlee, and several people that she has spoken too had never heard of the danger “I won’t be putting the mirror back in the same spot” she adds

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